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Gold's Gym AbFirm Pro

Gold's Gym

  • $78.99 USD


Gold's Gym AbFirm Pro:

  • Adjustable Forward and Backward Seat
  • Target different muscles with different seat positioning
  • Adjust the seat for your specific needs and to reach specific muscles
  • Personalize your workout for individual goals and results
  • Adjustable Swivel Seat with Cushion
  • Swivel and turn your trunk to reach your oblique muscles for more core stability and strength
  • Experience a full range of motion
  • 2 Independent Foam Covered Bars
  • Comfortably tighten and tone your muscles with the foam-covered bars
  • Allows you to work your abs when you go up, and when you go down
  • Use the bars together or separately to focus on individual muscle groups
  • Adjustable Resistance Knobs
  • Change up your workout resistance to target different muscles and amp up the workout intensity
  • SpaceSaver Design
  • The compact and portable design provides the ultimate in workout convenience
  • The bars fold and lock down for storage under the bed or in a closet
  • Perfect for a home gym or a workout on-the-go
  • Comfortable Vinyl Seat
  • Experience maximum comfort during your workout
  • Workout DVD Included
  • Strengthen your core alongside a professional with the workout DVD designed by a certified personal trainer
  • Digital Meal Guide & Exercise Chart
  • Access the digital meal guide and exercise chart, both created by professionals to help you reach your goals for the abs you have always wanted
  • Model #: WGGCORE16

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